Hello everyone! This is “Cooking’s Easy” channel and me, Olga Matvey. Today we have a rubric “Weekend Basket. Christmas Menu”. There are lots of videos dedicated to this theme on our channel. Some of the dishes are already available, some we will cook today, and some will appear on my channel in the nearest time. So, let’s get started. I’ve got the abundance of products today. The speciality of the day is carp. It weights about 1.5 kilos. If your family is large, take a bigger fish or two fish. Don’t forget to prepare several lemons, baking powder, starch. It’s better to use potato starch rather than corn one. We’ll also need pitted cherries for the lenten pie. Instead of uzvar (dried fruit drink) that is traditionally served for Christmas in our country I’ll cook compot. I’ll cook two separate compots, of apricots and of plums. But you can cook uzvar instead. Buy some bottles of sunflower oil in advance. Flour, sugar. I’ve also got almond flour here (you can buy almond сrumbs or ground almonds instead) for sweet dishes. Cocoa, apples, a herring or a scomber (I’ve marinated it by myself). Buy a frozen one, we’ll cook it together. Rice, tomato paste or ketchup, mushrooms (about 1 kilo), greenery and different dried fruit, poppy, honey and kutya. You should better choose processed grits for kutya in order to cook it faster. Next, cabbage. Take several heads of it, we will cook an appetizer and a main course. Potatoes, carrots, beets and lots of onions. We’ll start with appetizers. As for fish appetizers: many people observe the fast, others don’t, some people consume fish, others don’t. Some people just think they keep the fast. My menu includes fish. I also add sunflower oil in baked apples, but you can cook them without it. If you keep the fast, use only the products that are allowed. For example sunflower oil for apples is not a must at all. Now fish appetizer. I propose to make dry salting. It’s very budget-friendly. It’s tasty and is cooked very fast, 3 hours before serving. Watch my video on how to fast and tasty marinate a herring or a scomber at home. Now cabbage appetizers. We’ve already talked of appetizers and pickled products for winter consumption, different cucumbers and tomatoes. Watch the videos with the recipes. Rolled marinated cabbage stuffed with Korean carrot salad, fermented cabbage, cabbage marinated in beet juice, very bright and beautiful. You can cook any of these appetizers. As for salads, I propose to cook two of them. First is traditional vinaigrette (watch the video). You can vary it. Add beans if you like it. And another salad is beet salad (watch the videos of two recipes), one with mayonnaise, another without it. Choose any up to your taste. Those recipes are about fasting menu. They are with sunflower oil, nuts, prunes. They are healthy and a good deal. The main course for Christmas Eve is kutya. Purchase grits, honey, poppy, different dried fruits and nuts in advance. I’ve got raisins and dried apricots. Add different kinds of nuts, prunes. Let your kutya be rich and nice looking. Kutya is traditionally cooked for Christmas Eve and is pretty tasty when freshly cooked. Watch the way I cook it on my channel. It’s incredibly attractive and appetizing! And it tastes good for anyone. For cooking apples we will also need dried fruits and nuts: almond nuts, cashews and walnuts. They taste good even the next day, so feel free to cook lots of them at once. The most expensive component of this dish is nuts, but it’s Christmas time, so bring joy to your family! The main hot dish on our holiday table will be vareniki (or dumplings) stuffed with potatoes. I’ve got a recipe of very tasty dough for vareniki, watch the video. These vareniki are just perfect. Do no forget to buy dill to top them with it before serving. Another dish is fast cabbage rolls stuffed with mushrooms. Only half a kilo of mushrooms deliver a big pan of the cabbage rolls. Don’t think that if the cabbage rolls are stuffed with something but for meat, they are not delicious. When I cooked them without meat for the first time, I was really surprised by how tasty they were. No meat, only mushrooms for stuffing, but they taste marvelously! Watch this recipe on my channel and cook these fast cabbage rolls even if you haven’t planned it before. And a signature dish for today is a carp. I’ve taken a carp of about 1.5 kilos, look how big and nice it is. So, today I’ll show you how to cook it. You can take a grass carp, a silver carp or any river fish instead. River fish is just perfect for Christmas Eve! If you’re gathering many people at you Christmas table, take two fish. Today we are going to cook this wonderful carp in oven. And we won’t forget about a dessert dish of course. I’ll cook a cherry fast pie with almonds. Fast pies can also be tasty. This year “Love Cooking” magazine has issued this recipe of me together with several other dishes. You should obligatory buy almonds or almond chips. Here’s also the recipes of the stuffed carp and fast cabbage rolls stuffed with mushrooms. There aren’t these recipes on my channel yet, so very soon we are going to cook all these dishes. Buy cherries for the cherry pie in advance. The cherries are supposed to be pitted. I’ve also got a Catholic Christmas menu on my channel (see the links below the video), maybe it will also be helpful for you. Watch the videos, take the recipes and cook any dishes for holidays you like. That was today’s Christmas menu. Don’t forget to buy also sugar powder in advance. Sometimes you just need a couple of teaspoons of it for decoration. Now we are cooking fish. It’s easily cooked. There is also a video on my channel on how to scale fish very fast and keeping your kitchen clean. Today when cooking, I’ll show you this secret once again. So, for cooking the carp we will need: a kettle of boiling water, a lemon, some parsley, carrots and onions. And also spices: coarse salt, usual ground pepper and a pinch of dried ground ginger. We’ll start with the fish. First it needs to be scaled and disboweled. Put the fish into the sink and quickly pour it with boiling water starting from the head towards the tail. Now turn over the fish and do the same on the other side. When pouring too much boiling water on a fish for too long, you will remove not only the scale but the skin as well. Turn the fish tail back (here are the results). The scale is easily removed even by hand, without any knife. But you can still use a small knife. The fish has been scaled so fast and so simple. Now the other side of it. It will take you more efforts to scale the belly, if you cannot remove the scale, pour it again with some boiling water, but keep the scaled skin away from the water. Here’s what the fish looks like now. Cut the belly with a small knife, carefully take out all the internals so that not to damage the gall. The fish has been washed, dried with paper towels inside and outside, and let’s put it aside for some time. Take a middle onion and a half of a carrot and cut it all in very thin rings. Now add it all in a separate bowl, put aside and let’s chop the rest of onions and carrots coarsely. After chopping the onions do not separate the rings into pieces. Cut some slices of lemon, about two rings, and cut them in halves, squeeze juice of the rest of lemon, about one tablespoon of juice. Chop some parsley, but not too finely just to let it deliver the flavor. Take some tablespoons of sunflower oil, add there ginger, salt, lemon juice, ground pepper. Stir it and let it stay for a while. Take the fish. By the way, its gills must also be removed. Cut the gills from the inside with a small knife, they are easily cut out this way. Take the mixture of pepper and usual rock-salt and rub the fish inside and outside, on the both sides. If you forget to remove the gills, that’s ok, just cook the carp with them. Top the fish with black ground pepper (you can use also mixture of peppers or other peppers). But as for me, the simpler a fish is cooked the tastier it is. Take a baking tray, cover it with foil and spread the carrot and onion rings on it. The more onion the better, for it will prevent the fish from sticking to the foil. Salt the carrot and onion rings a bit. Add some sunflower oil. Let such amount of vegetables not scare you for they will get impregnated with fish and taste pretty good. Put the fish on the vegetables. It should totally lay on them. I’ll put a piece of onion under the tail to prevent it from sticking to the foil. Take the finely chopped onion and carrot with lemon, stir it all, add a couple of tablespoons of the marinade here, it will also be used for pouring the fish when baking. Inside everything should be juicy and aromatic. Stir it up and stuff the carp. Add some greenery inside the fish (parsley is the best choice). Take the rest of the marinade and pour the fish on top. You can also make a marinade of honey and mustard and top the fish with it, but in this case there is a risk that the carp will burn slightly on top. So it’s better to cook it with sunflower like I do. There is another option for those who do not keep the fast: you can add some mayonnaise in the marinade. That’s it! You can transfer it in the oven. If you have enough time, cover the fish with the food film and let it stay for half an hour before baking. Preheat the oven to 320-355F to prevent the fish from burning. Transfer it to the oven. It will take you 40-60 minutes to bake it. In 40 minutes open the oven an check if it is ready. 40 minutes are over. Due to the onion layer the fish hasn’t burnt underneath. And the fish can be easily transfered on a dish. I’ll cut it to see how it looks on the inside! Oh, what a crust! Let’s open it and see how it looks. Transfer it on a plate. See how it looks like. How nice! And all that stuffing also make it delicious. Very tasty and juicy! It’s just perfect! I’m cutting off a piece to try it. It’s a large carp, so it’s easy to take out the chine and bones. Let’s taste it. I’ll start with the fish flesh. It’s so wonderful. And the smell is perfect. It’s a river fish. River and sea fish are different in taste. Very tasty, I can fell the lemon juice and a ginger taste, and the parsley smells so fine! The carrot is soft. I’ll try the crust. It crisps! So delicious! I recommend it to everyone! If there are many people cook two fish at once. Thank you for being with me today, thank you for watching this video. Merry Christmas! Have a nice Christmas Eve! Like and comment the video and subscribe to my channel. Bye!