[Music] Another interesting question. This time about my favorite leg exercises. Given my childhood, in leg exercises I’m probably an ace. What exercises use to develop the teardrop muscles. It all depends on how old you are. If you start practicing legs If you start practicing legs from birth, a bicycle helps well. At least helped me. When physical exertion had already begun, it helped me to straighten my leg in the simulator while sitting. It is very important which simulator it is. In different exercises, the teardrop muscle pumps differently. When you sit when you sit straight without a slope, the load becomes stronger in stretching. In this position, it is also important what ellipse you have with effort in lifting and whether it is constant. In this simulator, pumping the teardrop is not difficult. Then you use the variations. Turn your leg inward or outward, see how it feels more. Please always rely on your feelings. A very good exercise is hack squat or front barbell squat. When your knees go forward. This exercise is quite difficult. You need to monitor the knees; you need to knead the knees and joints so that they do not hurt. In terms of the effectiveness of the exercise, this is probably one of the most powerful. Try, write reviews. Better, send your videos and share how you get it. It will be interesting.