“In the name of the ideals of good and
purity, the bodhisattva is to be abstain
for the food of mortified flesh, born of seed, blood
and the like. To avoid intimidation
animals and suggestions to them of horror, bodhisattva seeking
gaining compassion may he not partake of the living flesh
creatures. It’s wrong that meat is good
as an animal you weren’t killed on your own,
by your order either intentionally not intended
you. Remember in the future may
come those who are influenced meat attachment
will build diverse cunning arguments in
justification of meat eating. Be that as it may, consumption
meat in any form, any way anywhere
expressly and permanently prohibited. I eat meat to nobody
did not allow, do not allow and I will not continue to permit it. ” (Lankavatara Sutra)
“The Purpose of Dhyana Practices and Attempts Samadhi’s achievements consists
to avoid suffering life but seeking deliverance
from suffering for yourself how can we continue to inflict
his other? Until you learn
control your mind to such an extent that she
thought of cruelty or killing will be disgusting to you,
you cannot escape the shackles of being. After my parinirvana,
in the last Kalpu, all kinds of demons will be everywhere
deceiving people and inspiring them that they can continue
eat flesh and reach while enlightenment. How can a bhikkhu desire
become the liberator of all others live at the expense of
blood and flesh of other living creatures? ”
(Surangama Sutra) “There are fools who
in the future will argue as if I let meat meat
food and ate meat myself, but know the same that I did not let anyone
eat meat, do not let now and I will never allow it in the future
under no circumstances and in no form; this time
and forever forbidden for everyone and everyone. ” (Dhammapada)
“Eating meat destroys the seed of the great
compassion. ” (Mahaparinirvana Sutra)